About Big Sticks Golf

Because of our PASSION for the game, we developed Big Sticks Golf.

We believe if you want to

  • learn to play
  • be more consistent
  • compete on your school’s golf team
  • play for business
  • simply hit balls

Big Sticks can help you play better golf.

Big Sticks Golf started because our outside golfing season is so short in Massachusetts. An indoor learning facility is a great way to break up the winter, maintain your swing so by the time spring comes, you can be “golf ready”. Big Sticks Golf uses much of today’s technology such as video swing, launch monitors and golf simulators so golfers, can learn visually. We have the only PGA endorsed simulator on the market-extremely accurate and high tech, so when you practice you can improve. Many of today’s golfer learn their swing based on video so the technology becomes a natural fit. This practice facility also allows for golfers to use the equipment on their own at their own pace. Big Sticks Golf offers PGA golf instruction, golf practice and golf training. With our aboutGolf simulator *the only PGA endorsed golf simulator and most accurate on the market, JC video teaching system, aG studio, and GC 2 with head measuring technology launch monitors- Big Sticks Golf is a place to get the golf game you want with the training and equipment you need.   We are one of the only PGA recognized indoor golf facilities in Massachusetts, located just outside Boston, in Burlington, Massachusetts-we have something for golfers of every level. Whether you need golf lessons, a recreational player wanting to play Pebble Beach, or an avid player interested in using the latest in golf training equipment-Big Sticks Golf can take your game to the next level.

Big Sticks Golf is a small business – owned and operated by a PGA professional. We were  named Top 25 golf practice facility in New England for the last 4 years. Big Sticks Golf is fun low-pressure and inexpensive way to learn the game and practice golf during every season.  Big Sticks Golf is a climate controlled facility that is open year round, which makes it a great place to practice and play golf regardless of the weather. For those golfers who want to also take an outside lesson, PGA instruction is available too.

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Meet Terry Felty of Big Sticks Golf in Metro West-Burlington


  1. Steve Howard says:

    After much research on finding a new swing coach I decided to book a lesson with Terry Felty. I have only had regular swing coaches over my 17 years of golf and after 1 session I am comfortable saying I made the right decision coming to work with Terry at Big Sticks. As a struggling low single digit handicap who is in the middle of MGA and USGA tournaments I did not want BIG changes but within 30 minutes Terry had me comfortable with what was causing my inconsitencies. Terry kows the golf swing folks and he knows the game. He and I will continue to work together and on more seeping changes after season is over. Also, Big Sticks is an excellent facility and their monitors give EXCELLENT feedback on the swing. Do your research, but trust this discriminatory golfer when I say you need to give Terry Felty and his facility a serious look.

    Steve H

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