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We offer PGA golf lessons and coaching to help you develop the best way to improve your golf game. PGA golf instruction is taught both inside and outdoors, weather permitting and our lessons are geared to accommodate golfers of various skills and ages. The PGA instructor also has available to the students the JC video swing analysis, aG studio and GC2 launch monitors and aboutGolf simulators, endorsed by the PGA .  All these tools help with visual reference points to track the success of your game.

Terry Felty, the owner and Director of Instruction at Big Sticks Golf has been a PGA class A golf professional since 1998.He uses this training and experience to help students reach their most efficient swing. Terry works with each student and their physical strengths and limitations, to help them develop the best swing they can produce-he does not provide cookie cutter solutions. At Big Sticks Golf, Terry teaches using the combination of video technology, ball flight feedback and experience to help students learn a more repetitive and efficient swing.

Terry Felty, PGA is

  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (TPI CGFI).
  • Massachusetts Golf Teacher of the year for 2010 by the New England PGA
  • NEGM’s Top 25 Golf Instructor by New England Golf Monthly for the past several years.
  • Named on Golf Digest “Best Golf Teachers in Your State”

Our PGA Professional instructors can help you focus on any of the following lesson topics:

Driving, Chipping, Short Irons, Uneven Lies, Consistency, Club Analysis, Fairway Woods, Pitching, Putting, Sand Play, More Distance, Trouble Shots, Long Irons, Punch Shots, Knock Downs, Lob Shots, Solid Contact, Working the Ball, Flexibility and Balance, Course Management, How to practice, Etiquette, and Rules.

We offer private and group lessons for players of all skill levels throughout the year

Private lessons are the type of instruction that gives students a chance to receive one on one attention from the PGA golf professional. This type of lesson also allow for individuals the opportunity to learn at their own pace and focus on their own specific needs. The PGA professional has the following training tools available: JC video swing system, aboutGolf simulator, GC2 and aG studio launch monitors . All of these state of the art equipment helps with swing analysis and ball flight feedback to improve your swing.


Curious about your golf swing? Always wondered how a video analysis can help you improve your golf game?Has your golf game taken a sudden turn? Try our online “Golf Swing Analysis”

Nothing can replace a one on one personal golf lesson with a PGA golf pro, but sometimes golfers might only need a little feedback in between lessons or practice sessions to help their game get back on track. Our “golf swing analysis” is a great way to get professional advice at your convenience.
It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s convenient.-$35 per review

STEP 1.Take a video of your golf swing
If possible -shoot video of your swing from face-on and down the line.
Feel free to include-problems or concern you have w/your game or any ailments/physical limitations that play a factor in your swing. Include a short description on area of concern.
STEP 2. Email the video to
Please put “swing analysis” in subject line

STEP 3. Click our paypal link on the bottom of our website and choose
“online swing analysis- $35” and pay.

STEP 4. Big Sticks Golf will review
Big Sticks Golf will review your video and send 3-5 comments plus drills about your golf swing and what you can do to help you improve your swing. Most lessons will reviewed and analyzed within 24 to 48 hours, earlier if possible. Follow up questions or concerns are welcome.


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Interested in picking up golf, and knowing little to nothing of the game, I researched multiple locations and PGA professionals in the Boston area. After weighing multiple factors including quality of the facility, convenience and most importantly the pro, Big Sticks was by far the best option.
In November 2011 I started taking lessons from Terry with the lofty goal of being able to play a few rounds of golf on Hawaii’s premier courses that coming February. For four months I took lessons from Terry and practiced at the Big Sticks facility. Terry taught me the key fundamentals, which allowed me to significantly improve my game, diagnose and correct issues with my swing and as a women, confidently play 18 holes on the best of courses. Thanks to Terry, I’ve even received compliments on my swing from complete strangers!
I highly recommend Big Sticks, whether you are a beginner, need to correct a nagging slice or want to stay on top of your game over the winter months.

– Jennifer J.

I found Big Sticks in September of 2012. I had taken a 5 year break from golf to figure life out and recover from 2 major lower back surgeries. I assumed it would be like riding a bike again, but boy was I wrong. Terry diagnosed my major flaws right away and helped build a plan to get me back on track. Utilizing the Big Sticks Academy I got back to a 2 handicap in only 8 months. If you are a golfer looking for a place to work on your game in a friendly professional environment, there is no better set-up! I toyed around with another local place and some semi-private clubs with golf simulators–but didn’t really feel like I was welcome. From the minute I started working with Terry, it felt like a friendship. I challenge you to find a better value than what you get from the Big Sticks facility, I know I failed. Terry has two camera’s, 3 simulators/ball flight monitors, every golf training device you could think of, and a community of serious golfers looking to improve their game. It honestly doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, you are welcome at Big Sticks!
– Jeremy White

As a professional golfer and one with many course records, I wanted to say that Terry has helped me with indentifying key components of my swing that have resulted in major improvements in my game. He really is a fantastic coach and has an eye to notice the delicate flaws that professionals can have come onto them without warning. I would recommend Terry and his facilities to anyone looking to either drop a few strokes, or 2 dozen strokes of their game.
 Tim McAuley




  1. I started going to Big Sticks when the Golf Season ended and I felt like I had unfinished business to do in getting my scores lower. Right from the get-go I felt comfortable at Big Sticks and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and love it when Terry notices a swing flaw and points it out for you unprompted, a true blessing! It’s a great place and it’s undergoing a major renovation so it will be even better soon

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