Supervised Practice is Back, Come Join Us!

Want to get the most of out of your practice? Make a tee time, grab your clubs and join us at BIG STICKS GOLF for SUPERVISED PRACTICE and get ready to practice with purpose! 

Why Supervised Practice is Essential to Improve your Golf Game? Practice helps develop any skill and creates a new habit. Quality time during practice is more important than quantity and repetition with a clear intention during practice is a must. Accurate feedback during practice is key for improvement. All other sports have structured practices with a coach providing feedback and drills, as well as setting up game situations. Golf practice needs to be like this too. Our supervised practice gives the golfer the opportunity to make the most of their practice sessions under the watchful eye of a PGA professional. It does not replace private lessons but it helps students improve their game so they get more comfortable with their swing.

Let PGA pro Terry Felty show you best way to your practice your golf swing
Tee times REQUIRED and all bays 20% off during these times 
Wed 9/6 4 to 530
Mon 9/11 10 to 1130
Thurs  9/21 4 to 530
Mon. 9/25 330 to 5

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