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I am already a member of a golf course, why do I need to use another facility and why is Big Sticks the best option in this area?

Quite simply the golf swing is about repetition. In order to shoot what you’re capable of, you must swing more than once a week. As indoor golf facilities are becoming more popular and computer technology are more available for golfers to utilize, BSG is a great place to see what this new environment is all about. Come in before a tournament and take a lesson for that competitive advantage or in between rounds to stay in shape! And we are open all year round so weather is never a factor. We are open to the public to practice or take lessons. Top

How many lessons will I need?

That really depends on the person, what level they are and how much they want to devote to practice. It is like piano lessons, but 1/2 of the game takes place behind your head. We work with students (especially at the beginner level- weekly, while other students come in once in while for lessons and often to practice. Top

Do you provide PGA golf lessons?

Yes- our lessons are only from PGA professional teachers. We generally teach everyday, outside too (weather permitting) Please call for an appointment (see store hours on our contact page). Top

How are the lessons taught, and who teaches them?

All lessons are taught by a PGA professional, and lessons can be private or semi private, inside or outdoors. The PGA professional may use all technology available such as ASTAR video technology, JC Video swing technology, the AG studio, or GC2 with head measuring technology launch monitor. Top

Why do some people seem to get worse right after taking a lesson?

Look no further than Tiger Woods. Everytime he changed his swing, it took some time to exceed where he started. We get caught between the “old swing” and the “new swing”. We also practice at the driving range, sometimes not knowing if we’re practicing the “new stuff” or repeating the “old stuff” Different isn’t always better but better is always different. Top

Do you have a driving range?

Yes and No. We have hitting bays, most with a computer feedback such as ball flight and slow motion replays of your swing. The PGA endorsed Aboutgolf simulator and Ag Studio have driving range mode that are backed by the PGA because they are extremely accurate. Top

Can I practice on my own? Do I have to take a lesson?

Yes- you can use our facility and ALL of the bays on your own, they are very user friendly and No- you do not have to take a lesson.Customers are more than welcome to just practice. Top

Are all Simulators and Launch Monitors basically the same?

NO-not at all. Many systems only track the club (you don’t even need a ball). If you are not using a marked ball, it can’t track the ball, or at least the ball spin. Big Sticks Golf has the most accurate technology available on the market today. It is important when practicing you get the most out it. There are many simulators and swing technology popping up on the market-but if it gives you inaccurate feedback, using it would not make sense. Our are endorsed by the PGA tour so they must be accurate. Top

How do I know the equipment at Big Sticks is accurate?

We constantly update, calibrate and improve the equipment and technology used at our facility. Our business is based on golf improvement -whether it is through our lessons or practice- we are not solely an entertainment facility. This makes a difference because as the owner and a PGA professional, it matters to me what we have in our facility. If it isn’t accurate we don’t use it! We have one of the only PGA backed/endorsed simulators in the area- if it is good enough for PGA, it is good enough for Big Sticks. Top

Can I have a group function?

Yes, our facility is available for small corporate or private functions, please call to discuss what type of event you want. Top

Is food allowed?

Yes, feel free to bring your own stuff to the facility or order delivery. Top

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, in any amount- good for all our services. Top

Do you ever offer discounts through the variety of online “group”discount offers?

We have in the past and we never say never BUT (and it is a huge but) BSG offers great customer service and we strive to develop relationships with our customers, especially if we work with them during lessons. We dont like to “mass produce” our lessons or give generic lessons. Sometimes with these “deals” they are so good for the customer, they dont use them because they didn’t pay much for them. We much rather people use our facility rave about us, spread the word and send in more customers. We also have found people often want a quick fix lesson which does work with some people (that’s all they need) but it’s still not going to be a generic lesson, it’s customized for that person. We are into teaching quality lessons not quantity lessons. Top

Can my child come in and practice on the simulators?

Yes, but adult supervision may be required depending on the age and skill level of the child. Top

Do you provide private lessons for juniors?

Yes, typically from ages 7 and up, but we do offer group classes to introduce golf which is geared for 6 year olds or older. Top

Do you have golf clubs to rent or use?

Yes, we have clubs to use for men, women, juniors and lefties, and no rental fees! Top

Do you sell golf equipment?

No- but we are more than willing to offer advice feedback on clubs you are using or thinking about buying. We only offer regripping services. Top

Do you offer golf instruction for adults who are total beginners?

Yes, we do teach beginners and they make up a large portion of our student base. We offer both private and semiprivate. Top

How can I get more information regarding rates, lessons, and memberships etc?

Call us at 781-229-2269 or use email us at bsgoffice@verizon.net with your postal address and we will gladly send you a rate card. Top


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